What does Apple’s App Store show about Microsoft and other tools

Apple's App Store - Top Free

This is what I see when I view the “Top Free” apps in Apple’s App Store.  I’m making a million and one assumptions, but there is some truth in this.

  1. OSX – they like to stay up-to-date
  2. Kindle – Apple lost the ebook war
  3. Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) – Mac users still need Windows regularly
  4. Xcode – there are a lot of developers on Macs
  5. Unarchiver – I really don’t get this, do people really need to uncompress more than just zip files?
  6. Slack – IRC is dead and businesses are using Instant Messengers more
  7. Instagram – people spend too much time on social media, is Twitter and Facebook not enough?
  8. ooVoo – Facetime isn’t doing so well, maybe? or maybe there are a lot of Android users on OSX (I’m one of them)
  9. MS OneNote – people still choose to use Microsoft
  10. MS OneDrive – people still choose to use Microsoft
  11. Solitaire – people still want an app that came with Windows 3.1
  12. Evernote – Apple’s Notes app isn’t cutting it

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