Business Panel Meetup

Mickey Mellen of Green Mellen Media asked me to be on a panel entitled “MEETUP BUSINESS PANEL: LEARNING FROM THOSE THAT DO IT WELL“. I take that as a major compliment from a pier, and a competitor.

It was great to be on the panel. The others on the panel were Mickey, Jenny Munn (an SEO expert), Chris Shull (an one-woman shop) and yours truly (of Sideways8). Mickey I have known for years as I tried to get his old job in 2009. I’ve heard of Jenny for years as one of the best SEO experts in the Atlanta area and I thought it was pretty cool to be side-by-side with her. Chris, I met a few months ago and am looking forward to getting to know her in the local WordPress community of Atlanta.

I can’t wait to be able to be on a WordPress expert panel again someday.

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