Sideway8 Is Being Acquired

TLDR; version: Sideways8 is being acquired. Aaron is doing other stuff.

Longer version:

It’s a bittersweet symphony, this chapter of my life. In 2008, I left my job and started freelancing. In 2010, Adam Walker and I started Sideways8, a web design and web development agency. It became a very successful venture once we took it seriously. At the beginning, we just did whatever we could to feed our growing families. In 2015, we decided to grow the business by hiring our first employee. It grew and after 4 years of serious growth, Sideways8 is being acquired.

Dragon Army will be the new home for the Sideways8 team, minus me. It was a very hard decision to not go with the team, but I am excited about where this leads. May the Dragon Army team continue to grow and prosper.

Growing an agency to the point of acquisition is a major life win. I could not have done this without an incredible business partner, and a stellar team. Thank you Adam, Bill, Bret, Carissa, David, Garrett, Gina, Julie, Justin, Kristen, Leanna, Marty E., Marty D., Ruben, and Sarah. You all made an incredible impact in my life.

What does the future look like for me?

Well, retaining ownership of all of Sideways8’s hosting has allowed me to start a new business called Clockwork WP, it specifically covers WordPress hosting, site maintenance and small development projects. I currently host 175 sites and I’d love to grow that! 

The WordPress multitenancy platform that we developed also came with me and we are hosting hundreds and hundreds of sites created for 48in48. I look forward to being more integrated with as we roll into the Fall with 5 events in October.

I’d love to consult with other agencies to help them grow and keep Clockwork WP growing. I’ve also accepted a part-time position at GoWP as Director of Technical Operations. As a former agency owner, I feel like I can help them as their primary client is other agencies. 

Now a chapter closes, and a new one is being written.

Adam, “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead” — The Beatles

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