Breaking the Social Media Addiction

Bad habits drive me crazy, I wish I didn’t have them, but I do. That is why, once a year, I don’t drink coffee for a week. I’m a 3-cups-a-day kind of guy, but I don’t like to be dependant on caffeine. I need to know that I can stop it at any time. I…

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Multi site error when registering users

I was getting this message on a multi site install that I was working on: Usernames can only contain lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers. I haven’t dug into this yet, it seems like this popped up in WP 4.4. Here is how I have gotten around it:

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Adding code to allow an iframe in WordPress

I know there are security risks, a bad implementation, bad user experience, etc, but sometimes the client insists on it. Here is how allow iframes in posts and pages:

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