Page Builders Review: WP Bakery’s Visual Composer

By Aaron / February 12, 2016 /

This is part 1 of a Page Builder’s video series.  Today I’ll be reviewing Visual Composer by WP Bakery.  Overall, I give this a 7/10.  It would have been a 9 except for the fact when a page is built using VC, it will always require to have that plugin installed and active for the page to…

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What does Apple’s App Store show about Microsoft and other tools

By Aaron / February 11, 2016 /

This is what I see when I view the “Top Free” apps in Apple’s App Store.  I’m making a million and one assumptions, but there is some truth in this. OSX – they like to stay up-to-date Kindle – Apple lost the ebook war Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) – Mac users still need Windows regularly…

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WordPress theming: building from scratch

By Aaron / February 8, 2016 /

I have been helping a friend of mine Diana Nichols with a Meetup in Marietta. Last week I helped walking through people creating a child theme. The video isn’t stellar, but I figure I might as well get this on my site. Session One covers setting up a development environment such as MAMP or WAMP.…

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If is this page or is child of it

By Aaron / February 5, 2016 /

A client of mine needed to display a certain HTML element (a social media icon) only on certain pages and children of those pages. Put this in your functions.php file: function ar_check_family( $page_id ) { global $post; if ( is_page() && ( $post->post_parent == $page_id || is_page( $page_id ) ) ) { return true; }…

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