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Sideway8 Is Being Acquired

TLDR; version: Sideways8 is being acquired. Aaron is doing other stuff. Longer version: It’s a bittersweet symphony, this chapter of my life. In 2008, I left my job and started freelancing. In 2010, Adam Walker and I started Sideways8, a web design and web development agency. It became a very successful venture once we took…

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These Phones Speeds Are Getting Out of Control

I probably use more bandwidth than my mom, but probably not more bandwidth than a teenager that just binge watches every show they want to because they are bored. And chances are, these kids are watching a lot of their shows on their phones. Samsung just released their newest, fanciest phone that is touting 5g…

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My first GoDaddy article

I’m thrilled to let people know that I got my first writing gig for a site besides my personal blogs or Sideways8.  The title is “Who hosts this website? Tips and tools for finding IP address, DNS details and more“.  Though this was a topic wasn’t my first choice, I knew I could write this…

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To High Treason: American Freedom

Often, I will toast to “High treason!”, all in jest of course.  When I do this, I harken back to the fictitious story of the toast to high treason in American Treasure with Nicholas Cage where he tells a story of the “original” toast made by the Founding Fathers.  I am though, toasting to a…

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