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Solid WordPress hosting

I’ll start this off letting you know what I have an affiliate link to the hosting company that I recommend. I didn’t have affiliate link when I started using them, and I really don’t get a ton of money from it, but I am always asked about hosting when I speak at Meetups and WordCamps…

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Breaking the Social Media Addiction

Bad habits drive me crazy, I wish I didn’t have them, but I do. That is why, once a year, I don’t drink coffee for a week. I’m a 3-cups-a-day kind of guy, but I don’t like to be dependant on caffeine. I need to know that I can stop it at any time. I…

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Microsoft and Linux: Part Two

In my previous article (Part 1), I mentioned that I would expect Microsoft to not use/release a Linux distro, but a BSD distro.  I think I was spot on… This article Microsoft Creates Its Own Distribution Of FreeBSD Operating System proves it. From the article: Microsoft has released its own FreeBSD distribution and offered official…

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Microsoft and Linux

It seems like it is getting colder, can you feel that?  Microsoft is releasing products that run on Linux and hiring Linux-like people.  Things are afoot on the internet. Here are the moves Microsoft just made: Their number one database program, MS-SQL was just released to run on Linux, Microsoft’s blog article here. They partnered…

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